Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Admonition to be “Strong” in Good Sam

            Breathe. Be strong. And move on. This will pass, and then next time it comes around you’ll be more ready and stronger and you’ll handle it just like that, like a Real woman. You won’t cut or cry; you won’t get depressed or anxious; you won’t need help; you won’t have to put your life on hold; you’ll just keep walking and breathing and being. And that’ll be enough.
            No, you don’t need any more Ativan. You’re stronger than your anxiety. You’ll survive. No, you don’t need tea, not even chocolate; just have some water. Don’t go looking for things to use to cut; that’s your weakness of mind. Besides, they’ll never let you out if you don’t stop.  The only purposes of cutting are 1. endorphins (which are not found by cutting with a plastic spoon) 2. suicide (which can’t happen here). So knock it off.
            Stop relying on other addiction-prone substances to stave off the agitation and thereby the cutting. If you abuse coffee and wine, you will lose them. Just. Don’t. Cut. Let the agitation fuel your life. There is much to be done and none of it will get done if you rely on your pathetic level of energy.
            No, don’t lie down. Don’t try to “sleep off” the feeling. Feel it and be stronger for it. Don’t break the window, either. There are better uses of agitation.

            That’s better. Let those tears dry. No need to cry over a few haywire emotions. It’s all temporary. You’ll be fine, just as long as you’re strong.

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