Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Introduction

Welcome to Honest Memoir. The lack of exclamation mark may seem to connote a lack of welcome, but, you are, indeed, welcome, and I thank you for coming.

The title for this blog seems a little silly, “honest” memoir? Is not memoir, inherently, honest? I wish it were. But people are not inherently honest. Besides, it is only as honest as our memories, and the memory can lie.

But we are getting distracted. The topic was honesty not dishonesty. What are some synonyms for honest? Straight, forward, frank, virtuous . . . and all these words have their own connotations. That is what I am getting at here when I say honest memoir: memoir that is forward, frank memoir, memoir told straight. As for virtuous? I am of the belief that speaking straight is a form of virtue. Memoir, told honestly, is then virtuous. 

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